About Us

We want the time spent in our company to be a reason to return to our corner, the one that also became your corner.

Thousands of visitors have already chosen us with all their affection!

It was July 8, 1995, when the Cabral Bernardo family, residing in Inguias, decided to invest in their own business, called Café Snack-Bar “O Bernardo”.

It was in this space that over the course of fifteen years, the family has been building its roots and has seen its business grow.

After 16 years, the need to expand the business was felt, due to the growth that had been felt during all this time.

In this change, in 2011, the space was reclassified and the name was restructured to Restaurant Snack-Bar “O Bernardo”.

25 years of dedication, love and care

It’s been 25 years in the catering business, offering our customers gastronomy with typical, old and family recipes.

Our restaurant values ​​its own products, products from the region and takes our customers to taste the times of yesteryear in this village.

Twenty-five years have passed and today we understand that investing in our village, in Inguias, was the best thing we did.

For this reason, this is how the local accommodation – “O Cantinho dos Cabrais” came about.

We want to make people aware of the natural beauty of our municipality, Belmonte , and the region of Cova da Beira.

This is a comfortable, comfortable accommodation, as the name implies, it is a corner where our guests can feel the comfort of their homes, but in this case we will be the ones to take care of your stay and guarantee all your comfort.

Este é um alojamentothat is intended for you, your family, a couple, no matter the gender, age or reason for your visit, here you will find your corner and we will adapt our service to the reason for your visit/stay.