What to do in Belmonte and in the region

Belmonte is a historic and charming village, with breathtaking natural landscapes and a rich Portuguese culture. If you are looking for an authentic experience in Portugal, Belmonte is the perfect destination for you, as is our charming village of Inguias, Portugal.

Explore this historic Portuguese village and be enchanted!

Belmonte is a historic village located in the Center region of Portugal, known for its cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes.

Visit the Castle, discover the Jewish quarter of Belmonte, Casa da Torre, explore Serra da Estrela and taste the local gastronomy.

Details of activities available to you

Visit Belmonte Castle: This 13th-century fortress is a historic landmark in the region and offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Discover Belmonte’s Jewry: Belmonte has a rich Jewish heritage and is home to one of the few Jewish communities in Portugal. Aqui pode visitar o Museu Judaico de Belmonte, que explora a história e a cultura dos judeus em Portugal.

Visitar a Casa da Torre: This historic house from the 15th century was the home of the Cabral family, who led the expedition that discovered Brazil. It is now a museum that tells the story of this family.

Explorar a Serra da Estrela: Belmonte is located at the foot of Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in mainland Portugal. Here you can go hiking, cycling, skiing or simply enjoying the natural surroundings.

Provar a gastronomia local: Belmonte is known for its delicious regional cuisine, with emphasis on Serra da Estrela cheese, olive oil, bread and convent sweets.

You can do this by visiting the Restaurante O Bernardo , located a few meters from our local accommodation.

Discover our village of Inguias, Portugal

Inguias is a small Portuguese village located in the municipality of Belmonte, in the Center region of Portugal.

Here is some information about this charming village:

Inguias is located about 5 km northwest of Belmonte and about 25 km south of the city of Guarda.

História: The history of Inguias dates back to Roman times, when the village was an important center for wine production.

During the Middle Ages, the village was an important crossing point for pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.

Património: Inguias has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Worthy of note are the Parish Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, from the 18th century, with a gilded altarpiece, and the Pelourinho de Inguias, a granite monument dating from 1564.

Festas e eventos: Inguias is known for its festivals and events, such as the Festa de São Sebastião, which takes place in January, and the Festa da Nossa Senhora da Conceição, which takes place in August.

Natureza: Inguias is located in a region of mountains and valleys, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

Here you can go hiking, cycling or simply.