Spa – O Cantinho dos Cabrais

SPA - O Cantinho dos Cabrais

Advantages of our Spa

Relaxation and Stress Reduction:

A Spa is a peaceful and relaxing environment where guests can unwind and relieve stress.

By experiencing this experience, you can reduce muscle and mental tension, improve blood circulation and lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Improve Physical Health:

Improve blood circulation, reduce muscle and joint pain and improve skin health.

Feel the hot water, enter the sauna, take a steam bath and enjoy the feeling of heat.

Renewal and Rejuvenation:

In addition to helping you relax and improve your physical health, a spa can help renew and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Improve appearance and overall sense of well-being.

A special moment of intimacy

Enjoy and rest with your better half. While you are together inside the Spa, you can stand on the balcony and enjoy the view.

Try local snacks and gastronomic products, while drinking a nice wine or champagne.

Try our Spa – Make a reservation and visit us!